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Warplanes: Battles Over Pacific Quest 2 Release Date Brought Forward

The release date for WW2-era VR flight combat game, Warplanes: Battles Over Pacific, has been brought forward on Quest 2.

Yes, forward. As in you’ll be able to play it earlier.

The game was originally due to hit the official Quest store on August 18. But developer Home Net Games recently reached out to Upload VR to confirm that it will now launch on August 11. It’s already available on App Lab, of course, but the full launch will make the game much more reachable to a wider audience.

A new update for the game will also arrive later this summer but there’s no word on what it will include.

Elsewhere Home Net Games continues to work on its VR helicopter game, HeliSquad: Covert Operations. That’s due to come to PC and Pico Neo Link 3 as well as the Quest 2, but no details on exactly when it will launch at this point in time.

Are you going to be picking up Warplanes when it launches on Quest 2 next month? Let us know in the comments below!

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