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Warhammer Tempestfall Hits Quest 2 Next Week

Warhammer Tempestfall Hits Quest 2 Next Week

The Quest 2 version of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall arrives next week.

Developer Carbon Studio just announced that the game launches on the standalone headset on May 19 for $24.99. There’s a very quick look at Quest gameplay in the trailer below.

Warhammer Tempestfall Quest 2 Trailer

In Tempestfall you play as a member of the Stormcast, taking the fight to the ghostly Nighthaunt. You wield different melee weapons but can also cast magic. The game mixes Carbon’s gesture-based action from The Wizards series with arcade-style sword combat and offers a full, story-driven single-player campaign.

The Quest 2 version of the game will launch with all the content available in the PC VR edition, including gameplay updates released in patches. There will also be a new Storm Trials mode in which players fight through arena-style levels.

We thought the PC VR version of Tempestfall had some key issues that held it back from reaching its full potential. “Every time I started to settle into its gorgeous world and brilliantly over-the-top-lore one of its many issues would make itself known,” we said in our review. “The combat is a mess in need of a significant overhaul, the UI is fussy and unhelpful, and a string of bugs and puzzle roadblocks kill any sense of momentum.”

Carbon has since gone back to update some of these issues, though, so we’ll be interested to see how the Quest 2 version shapes up. If you’re looking for more Warhammer VR, then you’ll want to check out the 40K FPS, Battle Sister, too.

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