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Wands Is Making Its Wands Much Cooler In New Update

Wands Is Making Its Wands Much Cooler In New Update

Some four years after its initial release, Cortopia Studios’ Wands keeps going strong.

The multiplayer wizard sim today introduces the Wand Powers update. Headlining the free drop is a new system that adds properties to each type of wand in the game.

Wands Update Adds New… Wands

Wands Update Gun Wand

Previously the type of wand you choose was purely cosmetic and was then customized based on the spells you loaded into it. But Wand Powers, as they’re called, introduce subtle buffs to change the experience somewhat. The Classic, for example, gives players boosted experience and mana regeneration, while The Inductor deals extra electric damage and increases your maximum mana.

Not only that, but Cortopia is adding five new wand designs to the game, bringing the total number of weapons up to 15. These feature some of the game’s coolest designs yet, including one rifle-shaped wand and another that looks a little like a mace. I don’t think you’ll be clubbing anyone around the head with it though, sadly.

Wands update mace

Players can also expect a new character to embody named The Templar, and a host of other improvements to the game. Among those are an Impossible difficulty setting when fighting AI, new titles to earn and changes to the game’s HUD. Overall there’s plenty to check out for the game, then.

The updates just rolled out to almost every version of the game across Quest and PC VR, though Cortopia says it’s “coming soon” to PSVR. Will you be checking out this new Wands update? Let us know in the comments below!

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