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Wands Alliances Available Now On Quest 2

Cortopia Studios’ 3v3 spellcasting game Wands Alliances is out now for Quest 2.

The follow-up to one of VR’s first competitive spellcasters was announced back in February and debuts at $19.99. You can find Wands Alliances on the Quest store now and check out the gameplay trailer that was revealed early in June embedded below.

Wands Alliances Gameplay Trailer

Like the original, Wands Alliances is a competitive, spell-based action game in which players customize their loadouts and face off with opponents. But, whereas the first Wands only supported 1v1 duels, Alliances offers 3v3 matches. Players take cover as they teleport around a map, trading blasts with two wands in their hands across three maps included at launch. The trailer above showcases the way players need to think fast on their feet as they both cast and dodge spells.

We thought the original Wands was a fun take on VR wizardry and the game saw plenty of post-launch support over the years. It will be interesting to see how that core gameplay expands as the player count moves from two to six.

We’ll be looking to try it out soon and will have updates if Wands makes the leap to any headsets beyond Quest 2. Are you going to be trying out Wands Alliances? Let us know in the comments below!

This article originally published on June 2 but was updated with the release of Wands Alliances on June 30.

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