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Walkabout Mini Golf Comes To PSVR 2 On May 11

Walkabout Mini Golf Comes To PSVR 2 On May 11

Walkabout Mini Golf is coming to PSVR 2 on May 11.

As the name suggests, Walkabout Mini Golf brings the arcade sport into virtual reality, with a huge selection of courses that explore original concepts as well as DLC tie-ins with intellectual properties. Developers Mighty Coconut have slowly built the game up over the past few years, solidifying it as one of the best multiplayer VR experiences with ongoing support and content updates.

Walkabout Mini Golf launched in September 2020 and is now available across many platforms, including Quest, SteamVR, Pico and HTC Viveport, with support for cross-platform play. The addition of PSVR 2 rounds out support for Walkabout on all major VR platforms, with a compatible mobile phone-based version, ‘Pocket Edition’ coming to iPhones later this quarter.

Walkabout’s core selection of courses focus on original concepts that play with familiar mini golf themes. However, the selection of add-on paid DLC content includes courses based on IP such as Jim Hensen’s 1986 cult movie Labyrinth, Cyan’s classic game Myst and public domain works such as Atlantis and the works of Jules Verne, like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

To learn more about Walkabout Mini Golf, check out our walkthrough tour videos with Mighty Coconut, embedded above, which offer developer commentary from hole 1 through 18 across many of the game's courses.

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