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Egyptian DLC Course Coming To Walkabout Mini Golf On April 20

Egyptian DLC Course Coming To Walkabout Mini Golf On April 20

A new Egyptian-themed DLC course is coming to Walkabout Mini Golf on April 20.

A tweet from the Walkabout account revealed the new course, called ‘Temple at Zerzura’:

The ultimate sand trap—the Sahara Desert—recedes after a thousand years, revealing a mini golf course fit for an Egyptian king and queen! Putt through the dunes, vast throne room, and great pyramids as you search for clues and lost balls within the forgotten temple.

The course follows on from the Upside Town course in March, which featured interesting mechanics that shifted the behavior of the ball across a gravity playground without affecting the gravity of the player.

While that course was one of the more out there options in the Walkabout line-up, the game’s creator Lucas Martell told UploadVR that the next few DLC courses would be “more in that classic mini-golf vein.” Temple at Zerzura looks to be just that, promising sand dunes, pyramids and typical Egyptian fare across 18 holes.

Walkabout Mini Golf is one of the best multiplayer VR experiences available across several headset platforms including Quest, PC VR, Pico and soon PSVR 2. A ‘Pocket Edition‘ version of the game is also coming soon to iPhone with full cross-play support with VR platforms, allowing players on mobile devices to experience Walkabout alongside those playing in VR.

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