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VRLA 2018 Tickets On Sale For May 4 and 5

VRLA 2018 Tickets On Sale For May 4 and 5

Tickets are now on sale to one of the largest conferences in the world focused on virtual reality, VRLA.

The event will be held May 4 and 5, 2018 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. As of this writing there’s an early bird offer that lowers the price to $20 for a pass to Saturday, May 5 only. There’s also an early bird two-day pass for $249 geared toward professionals, adding access for Friday, May 4. There’s also a one-day student pass starting at $15. Prices go up significantly starting Feb. 10.

While VRLA draws visitors and exhibitors from around the world, its location in the heart of Los Angeles draws a lot of professionals and enthusiasts from both Southern California and Silicon Valley. With a number of VR arcades expanding or opening in 2018 and lower prices being achieved by headset manufacturers, it’ll be interesting to see how that impacts the type of exhibitors and turnout at VRLA.

“With this year’s theme, ‘A New Reality,’ we’re expanding the expo’s scope beyond VR and AR to explore new ways emergent technology improves our lives in and out of the headset,” Cosmo Scharf, Co-Founder of VRLA, said in a prepared statement. “New verticals include AI, internet of things, robotics, blockchain, 3D printing, alternative energy, cryptocurrency, biotech, and more.”

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