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VRChat Mobile Alpha Now Available On Android

VRChat mobile alpha Android

The VRChat mobile alpha brings the social VR experience to new platforms, and it's out now on Android.

Previously announced in March, the VRChat Android alpha will initially be limited to VRChat Plus subscribers with the optional paid subscription. While all Quest content is viewable on Android, the team states it won't necessarily be usable since it was designed for VR. Mobile users will eventually have a 'Mobile' tag over their heads but for now the current build will probably display 'Quest.'

The VRChat team stresses several caveats. "We want to be clear that this is an alpha – and we really do mean alpha. There’s a lot of stuff in this release that is absolutely not final," says the FAQ. The studio explains this is being worked on but right now, swapping between cell service and WiFi will "probably drop the connection."

As for the requirements, the suggests mid-range Android phones "should be fine," providing they have at least 6GB RAM and Android OS 10. With iOS, that version is being worked on and the team calls progress "fairly smooth" but cautions there are "a lot of roadblocks we could hit" so they aren't ready to announce anything.

The VRChat mobile alpha is available now on Google Play. Regarding a full release, the studio is currently focused on gathering feedback and updating the mobile build. "We’d like to say sometime this year, but we aren’t committing to any concrete date just yet."

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