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Mobile Versions Of VRChat In Development, Android Release Coming Soon

Mobile Versions Of VRChat In Development, Android Release Coming Soon

In a new developer update, the VRChat team confirmed that it is developing mobile versions of its social VR experience, with an Android release coming first.

In the update, the VRChat team shared some footage of the game running on Android, but stressed that it was an in-development build and everything in the video is not finalized, but merely an indication that development is in progress.

The team says that it has been working on this mobile version “for a while” already and is already being used by some team members. The mobile version of VRChat for Android will only initially be available for members of VRChat Plus, the service’s optional paid subscription. The team plans to give members access to the mobile Android build within the next 3 or 4 months (subject to change), which will help them refine the UI and UX before a full public launch down the line.

The team says that any world or avatar that works on Quest will load “just fine” on this mobile build, as both systems run on Android. However, some more advanced world content with complex controls may need to implement changes to account for those using a touchscreen. That said, the team says that many worlds work great as is on the Android mobile version.

In terms of hardware requirements, VRChat says it requires a “mid-range device,” which it states is generally one including 6GB or more of RAM.

Regarding iOS devices, VRChat says they are working on a mobile version for iOS, but it is farther out than Android. “The challenge here is content, since iOS uses a completely unique and different graphics framework,” explained the team. “This means you would have to upload content built for iOS, which means three builds for one piece of content. Not ideal! So, we’re working on it. More on this Eventually™️.”

VRChat is not the only VR service that has released – or is working – on a mobile-equivalent. Walkabout Mini Golf plans to release Pocket Edition for iOS soon, while competing social VR service Rec Room released an Android mobile version in 2021.

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