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VR Treadmill Omni Reveals Ommniverse Content Platform

VR Treadmill Omni Reveals Ommniverse Content Platform

Virtuix’s Omni treadmill allows players to walk and run through virtual worlds, but finding the right content for the kit can be a challenge. Virtuix itself is tackling that issue.

The company today announced Omniverse, a content delivery and arcade management platform that is intended for use by commercial Omni operators such as arcades. You can essentially think of it as a hub world from which users can access compatible games while owners can maintain operation, setting stats like usage time and more.

Currently Omniverse has 16 games available, with more to come in the future. Current highlights include spooky VR showcase Affected: The Manor, Predator-esque first-person shooter (FPS) Primordian, and visually arresting role-playing game The SoulKeeper VR. Omni’s own VR software, the eSports-themed Omni Arena, is also included. You can see the full list below.

Omniverse will also store user analytics on usage and gameplay, while players will be able to jump between apps at will while inside VR. Payments will also be automatically be facilitated between operators and game developers on a dollar-per-minute basis.

Omniverse is rolling out to existing commercial customers immediately.

• AFFECTED – The Manor
• Bow Master
• Coin Rush
• Hyperdrome
• Karnage Chronicles
• Nature Treks VR
• Omni Arena
• Primordian
• Project Ghost
• Quell 4D
• QuiVr
• The Bellows
• The SoulKeeper VR
• TRAVR: Shadow Ops
• TRAVR: Training Ops
• VRZ Torment

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