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VR Shooter Vindicta Launches On Oculus Rift Today

VR Shooter Vindicta Launches On Oculus Rift Today

From today, Oculus Rift owners can get in on the shooter action with Game Cooks’ Vindicta.

The first-person shooter, which launched in Early Access on the HTC Vive back in June, is now available to play on Oculus’ PC-based headset via SteamVR. It’s not on the Oculus Store itself yet, though should arrive there next week.

Though in Early Access, Vindicta offers plenty of content for those looking for a true FPS in VR. You infiltrate a facility, taking down scores of evil robots using a range of weapons. The game can be played using arm swing locomotion, allowing for full traversal of its many rooms. Recently the team pushed a new update for the game adding a brand new level as well as a new melee weapon and more enemy types.

We’re quite big fans of Vindicta in its current state; there aren’t many VR games out there that offer a full FPS campaign with true locomotion. Weapon handling feels rock solid and the game throws new environments and ideas your way often. We’re not quite sure when the full game will be releasing, but we’re looking forward to it all the same.

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