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Fairytale Revenge, Zombie Traps And Smarter Samurai - VR Games & Updates On Our Radar This Week

Fairytale Revenge, Zombie Traps And Smarter Samurai - VR Games & Updates On Our Radar This Week

A new horror game, an update on Requisition VR and a new look at Samurai Slaughterhouse are just some of the other VR games on our radar this week.

Every week we get a lot of updates on new VR games at Upload – so much so that we don’t have time to cover them all. This week we talked about news for After The Fall, Until You Fall and Green Hell VR, but here are some other titles we didn’t get to take a look at.

No More Rainbows

Here’s a fun twist on the fairytale genre. Unbearably adorable critters have flooded your home. The only problem? You’re the beast of the underworld and they’re so not your vibe. Teach them a lesson as you use an arm-based locomotion system to bound through levels. There’s an open beta for the game currently up on both SideQuest and Steam.

ForeVR Bowl Update

ForeVR Bowl Update

There’s a new 90’s-inspired hall for ForeVR’s social bowling sim. There’s five new designs to unlock that use a blacklight effect and five ‘super bowling’ sports balls. Plus there’s a new optmized throw type. It’s free for all ForeVR Bowl owners.

Labyrinth deLux – A Cruseo Quest

A gorgeous retro art style awaits in this laser-based puzzle game. Guide beams through a series of ancient sites and solve the mystery of a long-lost civilization. Cruseo Quest will be touching down on Quest via AppLab and PC VR on March 3.

Requisition VR

Here’s a new devlog for the zombie home invasion game, focusing on traps you can set to take care of the undead. We also get a look at character customization and some of the weapon crafting.

Deadness VR

Steer through a horrific world in a wheelchair, solve puyzzles to figure out why you’ve been stranded in an old research facility and use stealth to avoid the horrors that stalk you. This looks like one for only the bravest of VR players, and it’s out now on Steam.


A puzzler in which you repair machines by changing the directions of energy currents. The puzzles look simple but the game definitely tips its hat to Portal with its asthetic. The game’s due out in the near future.

Samurai Slaughterhouse

Still on the road for a full release sometime in 2022, Tab Games’ bloody stab ’em up just gave enemies the power to block and parry in the playable demo. Still no word on a release date for this one, though.

Return to Kurgansk VR

War Thunder developer Gaijin Entertainment’s incubator arm published this VR re-work of a post apocalyptic survival game from Yadon Studon. You roam the wasteland, fending off mutants and monsters. It looks a little ropey, but maybe STALKER and Into the Radius fans might find something to enjoy here. The game’s now available on Steam.

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