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VR Production Studio Virtual Reality Associates Announces 3 New IP

VR Production Studio Virtual Reality Associates Announces 3 New IP

If you want an idea of just how varied VR experiences can be, just-launched production studio Virtual Reality Associates (VRA) is a good case study. The company this week announced that it working on three new IP for headsets, and each sounds dramatically different from the last.

For gamers, VRA is working on what it hopes will be a competitor in the coming VR eSports scene. There’s very little in the way of details about the project right now other than the fact that it focus on building and then racing vehicles. VRA plans to offer streaming of the title to mobile VR headsets, though the team has a two year road map, so don’t expect to see it for some time.

The more immeadiate of the three projects will tell the true story of Phil Martin, a boxing trainer that established a gym in Moss Side, Manchester in 1981. Martin worked in the area during the riots that year, and would go on to train multiple boxing champions before sadly passing in 1994. The VR experience will bring 1980’s Manchester back to life, covering the riots themselves as well as Martin’s life. VRA itself is based in Manchester.

Finally, VRA is working on a new VR series with the help of Gregg Housh and Joe Fionda. That’s pretty much all we know right now, though.

Look for a lot to come from this new studio over the next few years, then.

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