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VR Power Oculus Quest Battery Pack Starts Shipping But Remains Backordered

VR Power Oculus Quest Battery Pack Starts Shipping But Remains Backordered

Good news if you got in an early pre-order for the VR Power Oculus Quest battery pack; the kit is now shipping.

Creator Rebuff Reality confirmed as much on Twitter this week. The company did, however, add the precaution that the kit is still backordered on its website. We reported as much in late January after seeing the device at CES 2020. It appears the kit’s popularity hasn’t decreased since then. It’s not yet clear when the kit might be more readily available to order.

VR Power serves two main purposes. Firstly, the battery can extend your Quest sessions for up to eight hours of gameplay or ten hours of video watching. But, beyond that, the device is also strapped to the back of the Quest’s headstraps, serving as a counterweight for what many feel is a front-heavy device. As such, the device kills two of Quest’s key issues with one stone. Or, y’know, battery pack.

Tatjana got to try the kit at CES and came away impressed. “I was able to turn my head left and right quickly, while dodging bullets from all angles without grabbing the headset even once,” she wrote. “Not only did VR Power help with comfort, it helped me feel more immersed in the experience.”

We should have our hands on a VR Power ourselves pretty soon so we’ll be able to bring you more extensive coverage of the device.

Are you expecting a VR Power to land on your doorstep in the next few days? Let us know in the comments below!

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