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VR Power 2 Promises To Add 8 To 10 Hours Of Life To Quest 2

VR Power 2 Promises To Add 8 To 10 Hours Of Life To Quest 2

Rebuff Reality is now selling the VR Power 2 battery pack and counterweight for Oculus Quest 2 promising dramatically extended battery life.

The accessory promises eight to 10+ hours of added battery life to Quest 2. The product page mentions compatibility with the original Quest as well.

The accessory is priced at $69.99 and is said to come with a 10,000mAh battery, according to Rebuff Reality. It is pitched as being compatible with all the official straps for Quest 2 including the soft one included with the $299 purchase as well as the Elite Battery Strap and Elite Strap, or Rebuff Reality’s own additional Head Strap solution. The unit sits at the back of the head and features an accessory port that could theoretically make it possible to charge another accessory from the unit.

We were impressed by the original VR Power for the Quest as it functioned as an effective counterweight removing pressure from the front of the face while extending battery life. The accessory sold out pretty quickly after sales started and took some time to come back into stock. That was during the pandemic year of 2020 when hardware production was impacted for most companies, but it is still something to keep in mind if you’re looking to get your hands on this add-on for your Quest 2.

We’re curious how it feels to attach the VR Power 2 to the range of strap solutions for Quest 2. It’s notable that Rebuff Reality says it is compatible with the Elite Battery Strap, which itself practically doubles the Quest 2’s battery life. So we’re curious what it feels like to add that much battery weight to the top of your head.

VR Power 2 is available for purchase on Rebuff Reality’s website.

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