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VR Murder Mystery 'Dead Secret' Dated for HTC Vive

VR Murder Mystery 'Dead Secret' Dated for HTC Vive

Indie developer Robot Invader has already brought its popular VR murder mystery, Dead Secret, to Gear VR and Oculus Rift, but soon HTC Vive owners will get to play it too.

The studio has announced that its first-person adventure will hit the SteamVR headset on August 18th, meaning it’s three weeks away from today. The non-VR version of the game is already available through Steam for $14.99, though support for the headset will be added for free for those that already own it. If you have a Rift or Gear then you can also pick it up through each of those device’s respective Oculus Home storefronts.

Dead Secret casts players as a journalist looking into the death of a reclusive man named Harris Bullard. Police have moved on from their investigation, but your goal is to prove that Bullard was murdered. To do this, you’ll explore the crime scene, his house, searching for evidence. Things quickly take a turn for the weird and you’ll find yourself neck-deep in a complex plot that will have you solving puzzles. The game earned high praise upon the release of its Rift and Gear versions, so it should be something to look forward to for Vive owners.

The Vive version will support both a traditional gamepad and the kit’s wand controllers, though it’s not clear if it will offer any positional tracking or Room Scale capabilities. The game’s also been confirmed for PlayStation VR, though we don’t yet know when it will launch on that platform. Anyone that does pick it up through Steam should also be able to claim a redemption key to grab it off of Oculus Home too.

Meanwhile, we don’t yet know if Robot Invader is working on another new VR title or not. Presumably the ports of its debut are taking up some time, but we’d like to see something new from the studio in the near future.

Dead Secret will be releasing right in the middle of Gamescom 2016 in Cologne, Germany. Hopefully we’ll have plenty more new Vive games to share with you throughout that event.


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