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VR MMO OrbusVR Is Free On Rift This Weekend

VR MMO OrbusVR Is Free On Rift This Weekend

Onward is going to have a little competition with its free weekend kicking off tomorrow.

While Downpour Interactive’s online shooter is free to play on Rift and Vive via Steam for the next few days, it’s Orbus Online’s OrbusVR that’s getting a trial weekend on Oculus Home. The fun starts in just a few hours time at 10am PT and runs through until 12:00 am on Monday night. It’s not the first free weekend the game’s had on the Oculus Store, so it must be proving pretty popular.

It’s little wonder why. We think Orbus is a pretty decent stab at a true massively multiplayer online (MMO) VR game. In it, you can explore a massive world with friends, fulfilling quests by taking out enemies with ranged and melee combat, scouring for items, casting spells, fishing and even raising pets. The game even managed to make it onto Steam’s list of best-selling VR titles so far this year.

If you like what you play, the full app costs $39.99. The game’s in Early Access right now and is seeing regular content updates. No word on when the full version will go live just yet.


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