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Sweet Surrender Updates, VR Rollerblading - VR Games & Updates On Our Radar This Week

Sweet Surrender Updates, VR Rollerblading - VR Games & Updates On Our Radar This Week

News for Sweet Surrender as well as new roguelite VR titles are just some of the games and updates on our radar this week.

Every week we get a lot of updates on new VR games at Upload – so much so that we don’t have time to cover them all. This week we talked about news for Hitchhiker, Cosmonious High and Beat Saber but here are some other titles we didn’t get to take a look at.


A VR roguelite in which you wield an action figure, taking on runs of a dungeon. Think Yuki, just trading the bullet hell action for a dungeon crawler. There’s a demo available on Steam now and the full release is coming soon.

Off The Chains: Disc Golf

Another take on VR disc golf is now available on Quest via AppLab. There’s seven courses here with 117 baskets that you can compete in either on your own or with a friend. Maybe good for kicking back with.

ForeVR Darts

Last week brought updates to ForeVR Bowl, but now we’ve got new additions to the studio’s recently released Darts game. This time there’s a new hall set on a beach, five new dart themes and new NPCs.

Sweet Surrender

Yet more updates for this solid roguelite shooter. March 10th will see the arrival of a Grenadier and Lunatic class, as well as support for the ProTube VR rifle and plenty of bug fixes and tweaks across PC VR and Quest.

District M

An intriguing mix of VR rhythm and rollerblading. You swing your arms to skate down courses, but the game plays from a third-person perspective. A free demo for the game is currently available via AppLab for Quest.


This one released out of nowhere but seems worth a look. It’s a gorgeous VR titme-travelling adventure. VR support is entirely optional.

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