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VR Workout Games Unite For Ultimate Fitness Bundle

VR Workout Games Unite For Ultimate Fitness Bundle

Can’t choose which VR game to burn calories to? This new VR Fitness Bundle has you covered.

Now available on Steam for $51.17, the VR Fitness Bundle includes three games to get you moving. First up is BoxVR, a music rhythm game that has you punching orbs to the beat. With a wide range of set workouts and multiplayer support, this remains one of our favorite ways to keep fit in VR.

Also featured is Synth Riders, another stylish music game that has you throwing shapes as, again, you grab orbs from out of the air. Whereas BoxVR is more focused on punching, though, Synth Riders has you moving your arms in different directions. It’s a fun take on the genre.

Take heart, though, the final game is not music-based (sorry, OhShape). In fact it’s a rather curious choice; Schell Games’ Until You Fall. Now available in Early Access, this is a roguelike VR sword battling game with permadeath. We wouldn’t say fitness was the game’s primary focus, but it’s certainly a fun way to spend a little energy.

This bundle is only available on Steam. We think it would make a great fit on Quest but Until You Fall isn’t available on the platform yet. Schell Games does plan to bring it to the headset, though, so maybe we’ll see it one day.

All told these games would set you back $63.97 individually, so you’re making a tidy little saving of $12.80 right now. Act fast, though; Until You Fall is currently discounted itself, so that price will likely soon rise.

What would you include in a VR fitness bundle? Let us know in the comments below!

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