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Japan's Coolest VR Arcades + New Resident Evil VR Games: The VR Culture Show #3 Coming TODAY

Japan's Coolest VR Arcades + New Resident Evil VR Games: The VR Culture Show #3 Coming TODAY

Welcome back to The VR Culture Show!

For our third episode, due on today, we’re in Japan. Yup, the land of stunning scenery, bustling metropolises and robotic toilets. How could we venture over to the East and not bring a camera in search of every cool VR gadget and game we could find?

And, believe us, we found plenty. In this episode, we visit three different VR arcades to see some of the amazing, unique experiences they offer. First up we’re in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district to visit Bandai Namco’s amazing Mazaria VR park. Located in the Sunshine City shopping mall, the dream-like center offers all kinds of amazing VR goodies, including games based on Dragon Quest and Pac-Man.

We also journey over the road to the Capcom Plaza, where two exclusive Resident Evil VR games are on offer. This is a rare look inside two location-based spin-offs that you can’t play in the West so, if you’re a fan of the series, you really won’t want to miss this.

Finally on the arcade front, we also head up to another Bandai Namco VR Zone, this time in the chilly northern city of Sapporo. There we find yet more legendary franchises have been virtualized, including Gundam and Evangelion.

Outside of arcades, we also got to hang out with Psychic VR Lab, an intriguing Tokyo-based company making a web-based VR/AR creation platform called Styly. The team took us on a whirlwind tour of some of its work across the Shibuya district, where it has plenty of cool AR experiences littering the streets and some strange VR apps too. We also attended the company’s New View Awards, which hosted a bunch more indie-made VR ideas.

So, when will this burst of exotic VR excitement land on your plate? Very soon; be back here at 10am PT on Monday, January 20 to be the first to watch our best episode yet.

Liked this episode of The VR Culture Show? Let us know! We’ll be back soon with another installment, so keep your eyes peeled.

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