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5 VR Apps For Cat Lovers On International Cat Day

5 VR Apps For Cat Lovers On International Cat Day

If you’ve clicked on this article, it’s more than likely you’re a cat person. Welcome, my friend, to a safe haven, free from those other types. Today, we celebrate all that is cute, furry and cuddly but not too cuddly so that it doesn’t scratch our eyes out.

Cats are wonderful, wonderful things, so long as they’re not a bit moody (which is around 2 minutes of every day). They’re worth celebrating and, young as it is, VR already has plenty of apps that do just that. So sit back, pat your leg until your four-legged feline finally decides to stop ignoring you and jumps up, get a cushion so it doesn’t sink its claws into your skin, and take a look at the best VR apps for cat lovers on this most precious of days.

Konrad the Kitten

Can’t have a real cat? Well then live out your wildest dreams with Konrad, a virtual kitten that you can dress and play with to your heart’s content. Earn currency in minigames that you can spend on new outfits and make sure to keep the little guy happy as can be. Developer Fusion Play is adding new features to the game all the time, so expect more content to come soon.

Pet Tracker

The Vive Cat Tracker is a personal favorite of ours here at UploadVR, as we know the pain caused both to your soul and your fuzzy friend when you accidentally walk into them in VR. Using a Vive Tracker, this app keeps tabs on your pet when they walk inside your play space to make sure you don’t trample over them or worse during an intense game of Gorn.

Catlateral Damage

As a lover of cats, you tolerate many, many things. An indescribably will to destroy all of your earthly positions is one such thing. Catlateral Damage lets you enter the mind of a feline and explain exactly why they’re so intent on destruction; because it’s so much fun. Smash through houses, museums and more in VR and become the destroyer you always knew you were.

Rescuties VR

Turns out that it’s a myth that cats land on all fours. Never fear, though, as in this game you’re assigned with catching kittens that fall out of trees and burning buildings. You can also catch regular babies, but we don’t really care about that. Cats!

Super Cat Herding: Totally Awesome Edition

Saying goodbye to a cat is the harsh reality of owning them that we must all face one day. That is unless you have Super Cat Herding, in which players can make their pets invincible. If your cat runs into the road, then it’s the car that gets ruined. Oh you can also give them special abilities like fire breathing. Because of course.

Bonus App: Chocolate

We’re including Chocolate on this list as a bonus app, because it’s not actually out yet. This is the latest VR project from Tyler Hurd, who made the bizarre Butts. His follow up looks just as zany and hilarious. Look out for it on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on August 17th. It will cost $1.99 at launch and $2.99 after August 24th.


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