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VR Mech Game Vox Machinae Is Getting A Full Single-Player Campaign

VR Mech Game Vox Machinae Is Getting A Full Single-Player Campaign

Popular multiplayer VR mech combat game Vox Machinae will soon have its very own single-player campaign.

Developer Space Bullet revealed the news on its website today. Vox Machinae’s campaign has been in development for over the last two years and will take players on a planet-hopping adventure across the solar system.

In its announcement blog, the developer promised: “Fresh locales along with the battle-tested maps from multiplayer make their appearances, now host to a gripping new story.”

To that end, the team has created a cast of characters to fuel the story and serve as your crew as you go between missions. Space Bullet is also promising huge scale for the game’s environments and mechs that have to be seen in VR to appreciate their scope.

When we last tried Vox Machinae all the way back in 2018 we said the game was one of the most immersive mech battlers yet seen. “All in all Vox Machinae has a lot going for it that really makes it feel special in the VR space,” we said. “You won’t find another game that lets you interact with so many elements of the combat to have actual, immediately results in terms of gameplay like you do here.”

A release date for the campaign wasn’t announced today, though the developer did confirm that it will arrive as a free update for anyone that already owns the game. The campaign’s arrival will also see the game jump out of early access launch and into a full 1.0 release.

Are you going to be checking out Vox Machinae’s story campaign? Let us know in the comments below.

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