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MWC 2019: HTC CEO Cher Wang To Talk 'Realizing Vive Reality' At Keynote

MWC 2019: HTC CEO Cher Wang To Talk 'Realizing Vive Reality' At Keynote

HTC will take the stage at this month’s Mobile World Congress event, putting its Vive Reality initiative in focus.

Company CEO Cher Wang will host a keynote speech at this year’s show. HTC told us that the overall theme of her talk will concern “realizing Vive Reality”.

That’s a loaded topic for HTC. The term Vive Reality was first coined during 2018’s Vive Ecosystem Conference in china. At the time, the company said the term defined interconnecting technologies like VR, AR, 5G and AI. It’s Vive’s vision for an ecosystem in which, say, your phone can talk with your VR or AR headset, letting you know when you have new messages etc.

Since then, though, ‘Vive Reality’ has taken on another meaning at HTC too. At CES last month the company announced the Vive Reality System. This is a new VR platform set to power its upcoming Vive Cosmos platform. The service will provide direct access to Viveport but also let users meet up with friends in virtual environments and launch core apps like Mozilla’s VR browser.

We’d expect the MWC keynote to be largely concerned with the former use of the term. But that doesn’t mean that the Vive Reality System won’t play a part in the talk. In fact, we’re hoping HTC has some big announcements in store for MWC considering that we’re still waiting on a release date and price for the Vive Pro Eye and, well, just about any news on Cosmos.

The keynote kicks off at 14:30 CET on Monday, February 25th.

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