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Virtual Virtual Reality 2 Announced, Coming To Quest & PC VR This Month

Virtual Virtual Reality 2 Announced, Coming To Quest & PC VR This Month

The Under Presents developer Tender Claws today announced Virtual Virtual Reality 2, and it’s coming very soon.

The follow-up to the satirical take on VR’s future arrives on February 10 for Quest 2 and Rift, with a SteamVR version following on February 17. It will cost $29.99. A new trailer for the game just debuted, which you can see below.

Virtual Virtual Reality 2 Trailer

The first Virtual Virtual Reality was a surreal adventure into a fictional virtual universe in which people uploaded themselves to digital environments, embodying everyday objects. Your job was to take care of clients’ needs, so a talking slab of butter wanted toast stuck to it, or a tumbleweed wanted blowing along a treadmill, for example. It wasn’t long before you got to sneak behind the scenes of the twisted origins of the platform, though.

VVR2 is set after the first game’s events and features a new version of that network. This time, humans and AIs have come to retire in a peaceful digital paradise known as Scottsdale. But when funding for the platform is pulled, servers start to get shut down. The player has to find a way out before their existence is essentially deleted.

Expect another story-driven adventure filled with parody and thoughtful takes on the future of technology, then. But the trailer also suggests VVR2 might have much more gamified elements than its predecessor, with players piloting mechs and slowing time to fight back against security forces. You can also expect to meet a typically eccentric cast of characters.

We thought the first game was a brilliantly insightful cautionary tale. Tender Claws has become known for its strange and fantastical VR experiences that think outside traditional design standards. The Under Presents, for example, was a social VR experience in which players couldn’t talk, and had to find new ways to communicate with body language. Hopefully, we’ll get something similarly fresh with Virtual Virtual Reality 2.

Will you be picking up Virtual Virtual Reality 2 this month? Let us know in the comments below.

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