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'Virtual Reality Is Coming' to Amazon

Amazon UK launched a pretty virtual reality landing page, featuring headsets from VR’s top players – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStationVR.

“Virtual Reality is coming” is splashed across the screen, with an explanation of what’s to come:

Immerse yourself in brand new worlds like never before thanks to an emerging generation of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and experiences. Be the first to know about the latest news and developments right here at the Amazon Virtual Reality Hub. We’ll keep you updated on the crucial UK release dates, VR games and head mounted displays at — the home of Virtual Reality.

The site offers a way to stay up to date and receive email updates on the platform you’re most interested in.

Seeing a display this eye-catching from the biggest online retailer is a huge vote of confidence in VR.

The Amazon site in the U.S. offers the latest in VR technology, too, just not in quite a visually pleasing way.

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