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Virtual Desktop Update Makes It Easier To Switch VR Streaming Quality Settings

Virtual Desktop Update Makes It Easier To Switch VR Streaming Quality Settings

A new Virtual Desktop update adds a crucial new feature that simplifies getting better performance when streaming PC VR games on Oculus Quest.

Mobile update 1.15 is now live and introduces a ‘VR Graphics Quality’ option. This setting won’t change the native graphics settings of a given app itself but instead alter the quality of rendering and streaming between three presents – Low, Medium and High. So, if you’re finding streaming a VR game from PC to your Oculus Quest a little taxing, you’ll be able to easily switch to a lower setting to see if you get better results (though you will need to restart SteamVR and the game for it to take effect).

New Virtual Desktop Update Arrives

Going deeper, the update allows you to independently change bitrates between PC and headset. Again, you can use a higher bitrate for better streaming, but a lower bitrate on PC will help your headset’s battery life. On your headset, a lower bitrate will help reduce latency in your movements, but also have overall less image quality, so it’s a bit of a trade-off.

This update still supports the Oculus Go, even though Facebook is gradually winding down its own support for the headset. The app has been a huge hit on Quest, though, so far having made over $3 million in revenue on the Quest version alone. Developer Guy Godin continues to add intriguing features to the platform, like the recent introduction of hand-tracking to mimic virtual controllers.

Will you be checking out Virtual Desktop’s new update? Let us know in the comments below!

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