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Mind-Bending Puzzle Game Viewfinder Teases VR Version

Mind-Bending Puzzle Game Viewfinder Teases VR Version

Earlier this month indie studio Robot Turtle turned heads with a tweet about its mind-bending puzzle game, Viewfinder. Now a possible VR version of the game is being teased.

Viewfinder is all about solving challenges by finding a new perspective on things. Missing a bridge in a walkway? Raise a picture of one up to the structure and it’ll suddenly be cemented in reality. In the trailer from this month we even see classic 8-bit scenes realized in 3D and tunnels appearing almost from thin air.

Yesterday, however, Callum Underwood, owner of Robot Teddy and co-owner of Robot Turtle, tweeted the following.

Interesting, no? It’s not a direct confirmation that the game will support VR, but it certainly teases a lot of possibilities.

The base game itself is likely some ways off – in an earlier tweet Underwood clarified that the game currently exists as a vertical slice that the team is working on, but it’s searching for publishers too. A full VR conversion is by no means guaranteed, then, but it’s a tantalizing teaser all the same.

Would you want to see Viewfinder in VR? Let us know in the comments below!

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