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Vertigo Remastered Arrives In July, New Trailer Here

Vertigo Remastered Arrives In July, New Trailer Here

The much-anticipated Vertigo Remastered arrives on PC VR headsets next month, and we have a new trailer to prove it.

Zulubo Productions debuted its latest look at the game on the Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition today. Announced last December, Vertigo Remastered is a top-to-bottom reworking of the original 2016 VR game featuring new visuals and, crucially, many of gameplay updates seen in the upcoming Vertigo 2.

In the game, players find themselves mysteriously teleported from an idyllic home in the mountains to a strange, otherwordly facility. Things get weird from the start, including visions of a strange monster and attacks from smiling drones. But you’ll find much more to worry about as you get deeper and deeper into the game, as this new footage shows.

Back in 2016, we called the original game a ‘decent stab at an indie Half-Life‘; Valve’s fingerprints could be found on almost every element of the game in the best way possible. In fact, solo developer Zach Tsiakalis-Brown went on to work with the Valve team for some time following the game’s release, specifically helping to develop the Moondust VR demo. There’s even an awesome little easter egg for that in the Vertigo 2 preview. But these revisions look like they might take Vertigo some way beyond that, especially when you consider just how promising the demo for Vertigo 2 was.

As the trailer so graciously states, the game will be free for owners of the original and will sell for $24.99 at launch. We’ll bring you much more coverage in the run-up to launch in a few weeks’ time.

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