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Vertigo Is Publishing Innerspace's Next VR Game

Vertigo Is Publishing Innerspace's Next VR Game

Arizona Sunshine developer Vertigo Games is publishing the next title from Maskmaker studio, Innerspace VR.

Vertigo announced the news on Twitter this week. Few details were revealed other than that Vertigo has agreed another publishing deal with the developer. The pair have, of course, already worked together – Vertigo published 2019 VR puzzling gem, A Fisherman’s Tale, first on PC VR and PSVR and then on Quest a little later down the line. Innerspace also developed and released a VR arcade game, Corsair’s Curse, under the Vertigo Arcades label.

For its next game, however, Innerspace made a deal with MWM Interactive. The result was Maskmaker, which launched on PC VR and PSVR headsets last month. We recently charted the developer’s history in an installment in our Upload Access series. Vertigo, meanwhile, recently expanded its publishing line with frantic VR puzzle game, Traffic Jams, and is also publishing a new hand-tracking game for Quest called Unplugged, which looks like Guitar Hero for air guitar. The long-awaited After The Fall, it’s follow-up to Arizona Sunshine, is also due this summer.

No details on the project have been revealed at this time. Maskmaker is just a few weeks old and we’re still hoping that Innerspace might be able to bring it to Quest, so it’s likely to be some time before we hear about what’s next.

What game do you think Vertigo and Innerspace are working on together? Could it be a sequel to A Fisherman’s Tale or could it be something new? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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