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Vertigo 2 Demo Hides Amazing Portal VR/Moondust Easter Egg

Vertigo 2 Demo Hides Amazing Portal VR/Moondust Easter Egg

Just when you thought Vertigo 2 had exhausted all of its Valve-aping jokes, an amazing Portal easter egg shows its face.

Check our video below to see how to get it Early on in Zulubo Productions’ free demo, you can find a secret corridor. It involves a bit of a leap of faith, but it’s worth taking the jump. Follow the corridor and you’ll come to a hidden room with a very familiar-looking gun. Yup, it’s a very close replication of the Portal gun from Valve’s seminal puzzle series. The Aperture Science logo on the side has been swapped out for Lenticular Laboratories.

Still, it’s about a close as you’ll get to holding the Portal gun in VR for now.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Shoot a certain surface and you’ll create a portal to the moon. Oh look, and all those weird cube-people running around the surface look just like those seen in Valve’s Moondust demo. You can mess around and push them about a bit. As far as I can tell that’s where the easter egg stops. I’m sure we can expect plenty more in the full game, though.

Once you’re done you can take the gun (aptly named the Gordol Pun) back into the rest of the game. We’re just a Left4Dead joke away from Vertigo 2 completing the set (unless I missed one).

The game may take a lot of inspiration from Valve’s adventures, but Vertigo 2 is genuinely promising in its own right. We loved the demo’s array of weaponry, visual spectacle and fun shootouts. The full game is expected to launch sometime in 2020.

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