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Vertigo 2 Reveals Massive New Autonica Level

Vertigo 2 Reveals Massive New Autonica Level

Zulubo Productions just revealed a massive new level for upcoming VR FPS, Vertigo 2.

Called Autonica, the level made its debut at today’s Upload VR Showcase with a fresh trailer, allowing with a rather adorable new character. Check it out below.

New Vertigo 2 Level Revealed

As Zulubo explains, Autonica is a massive open level in which players fight with a squad of robotic soldiers. You’ll make your way across the warzone, and Zulubo hints that players might have some say in who to side with. It’s a typically erratic tone for the game, with historical uniforms worn by robots and crazy new weapons shown off.

Oh, and let’s just take a minute to talk about our new alien friend from the start of the trailer. Can we keep him?

This is just one level from the game itself – there’s plenty more to come from Vertigo 2. We’ve been looking forward to the game for a while; Zulubo has been working on the sequel for a few years, putting out a demo all the way back in 2019, though it was pushed back somewhat as the developer went back to remaster the original game. The series is heavily inspired by the Half-Life games, capturing some of their sci-fi tones whilst also making light of their key features. But the Vertigo games themselves are still accomplished shooters in their own right and we can’t wait to see what else Zulubo has in-store for us.

We’ll be looking to hear more from Vertigo 2 sometime in 2022. Stay tuned to the Upload VR Showcase today, as there’s plenty more to talk about.

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