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Vertical Shift Is Spider-Man VR With Multiplayer On Quest Now

Vertical Shift Is Spider-Man VR With Multiplayer On Quest Now

Time for another Spider-Man-style VR game, this time with multiplayer support.

Vertical Shift is a new release on SideQuest for Oculus Quest, and pits players against each other in athletic multiplayer competitions. Set in a futuristic city, players have access to grappling hooks for superhero swinging as well as jet packs and gliders to send you flying about in both single and multiplayers modes. Check out the trailer below.

In the game, you’re given access to a Zenith Suit with a number of different abilities. You wield them in four different multiplayer modes, including a team-based take on tag in which players must freeze opponents with EMP blasts. There’s also Hot Seat, where one player is chased by others looking to take their crown and Infection, in which one infected player tags others to spread their disease. The fourth and final mode is a race option, though it’s still coming soon.

Vertical Shift also offers a single-player campaign in which players explore Orion, a sci-fi city controlled by an evil government you must take down.

Developer Corrupt Media says the game remains in active development and, currently, it’s best played on Quest 2. Multiplayer modes will work fine on Quest 1, but the single-player campaign is “unstable”. The team also aims to bring the project to App Lab in the future.

There’s plenty of places to get your Spider-Man fix in VR these days. Yupitergrad is one big tribute to the character, just trading out webs for plungers and New York City for a Russian space station. Of course, there’s also the official Spider-Man: Far From Home VR experience too.

Will you be checking out Vertical Shift? Let us know in the comments below!

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