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VR Platformer Ven Hits Rift Next Month, Quest Soon

VR Platformer Ven Hits Rift Next Month, Quest Soon

The long wait for the Ven VR release date is over; the game hits Oculus Rift next month.

Developer Monologic confirmed the news last week. Ven will first touch down on the Oculus Rift on December 17th. Following that, an Oculus Quest launch for the game is expected in either Q1 or Q2 of next year, with full cross-buy support between the two platforms.

As for PSVR? The studio just tweeted out that the different ports are being worked on one at a time, so expect that to arrive sometime after the Quest launch and we’d assume that will be the same for a possible SteamVR release (though the game is already listed on Steam).

“We are still going for [PSVR] but our team is small and resources are limited,” the studio said. “We decided to work on different versions of Ven one by one. Ven is our first approach to PSVR and the first project in general, so things might take longer than we originally expected both in terms of development and publishing.”

Ven’s raised a lot of eyebrows since it was revealed earlier this year. It’s a third-person platformer that shares a little DNA with games like Moss and Astro Bot in that you control another character but also embody a physical presence in the world. You’ll guide Ven through different levels, collecting items and leaping across platforms.

Will you be checking out Ven when it launches next month? Or will you be waiting for Quest and PSVR releases? Let us know in the comments below!

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