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Varjo Partners With MeetinVR For Native VR Collaboration Platform Out Now

Varjo Partners With MeetinVR For Native VR Collaboration Platform Out Now

Work-focused VR collaboration platform, MeetinVR, is launching a public beta today, along with announcing a partnership with professional-grade VR headset maker, Varjo.

MeetinVR is another VR service that allows users from around the world to meet up inside headsets and work together using a set of tools. The platform is designed to support brainstorming and mind-mapping sessions as well as presentations. To do this, users have access to specific interactions like drawing on surfaces or in mid-air 3D with pens, or placing sticky notes around the environment to help with speeches.

Crucially, these actions are assigned to intuitive interactions. For example, you can always grab a pen from right behind your ear. It’s MeetinVR’s hope that, even though VR headsets have a ways to go before they can accurately reflect real life, the current world climate, highlighted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, will start shifting towards VR as a means of remote work. Last week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself said he expects around half the company’s staff to be working from home by 2030.

Companies that sign up are able to sample the platform with a free 30-day trial.

Alongside today’s launch, MeetinVR also partnered with Varjo, a company best known for its impressive, ultra-high-resolution VR headsets designed for the enterprise market. MeetinVR has developed a native port of its platform for Varjo’s entire library of headsets. Plus anyone that buys a headset from Varjo will be given six months of the platform for free for up to five users.

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