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Promising VR Adventure Vanishing Grace Is Coming To Quest This Month

Promising VR Adventure Vanishing Grace Is Coming To Quest This Month

When I previewed Vanishing Grace via SideQuest in mid-2020, I said the game felt like a full Oculus Store release. Well now it is. Or will be, anyway.

Update: Monte Perdido has confirmed to us that the game will launch on Quest on February 11th for $19.99. The team also says it won’t rule out possible Quest 2-specific upgrades in the future. Original story is below!

Vanishing Grace has popped up on the Coming Soon section of the Oculus Quest store for a February release. No specific release date was confirmed but developer Monte Perdido did release a launch trailer for the project which you can see below. It gives a good overview of the game’s story and gameplay mechanics.

Vanishing Grace Oculus Quest Trailer

In the game, the player embodies Joel, a man on the hunt for his missing childhood friend, Grace. Grace left a trail that Joel follows in a desert-cruising hovercraft. You’ll have to maintain the vehicle as you travel, visiting sites that Grace travelled to to pick up more clues.

When I played the demo last June I wrote about how Vanishing Grace used compelling interactions and detailed environments to weave a mystery I was looking forward to seeing through. The trailer above shows many more new environments than those featured in the demo, so it seems like there’s still a lot to discover.

When I spoke to the developer last year the team told me they were aiming for a four to five-hour adventure that would cost $14.99, though those details could have changed since then. Monte Perdido is also hoping to release on Rift and PSVR later down the line.

Will you be checking out Vanishing Grace on Oculus Quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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