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Valve Is Working on VR Content, Will Reveal It Next Year

Valve Is Working on VR Content, Will Reveal It Next Year

There’s already a lot of great content on the HTC Vive, and big developers are also working with the headset. As excited as we are to see the likes of Bethesda and more developing for the platform, though, everyone really wants to see what SteamVR creator Valve has in store. Excitingly, that may be coming next year.

Valve Product Designer Greg Coomer teased as much at the start of the Steam Dev Days event in Seattle, Washington today. Talking about VR in the opening keynote, Coomer stated that the company wasn’t going to reveal any new VR content today. However he also stated that when the company was ready to reveal something “next year”, nobody would be “disappointed”.

It’s the smallest of teases but, considering we’re talking about Valve, it’s enough to get us excited. The developer is behind some of the most legendary franchises in all of gaming including Half-Life, Portal, and Left4Dead, and we’d welcome any one of them in VR if not an original IP.

Valve has already released some of its own VR content, however. Earlier this year it launched The Lab, a set of smaller experiences that highlight the HTC Vive’s unique capabilities. It also continues to work on Destinations, an app for creating VR spaces.

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