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Valve Interview Reaffirms Work On New VR Headset

Valve Interview Reaffirms Work On New VR Headset

In an interview with the Korean gaming outlet This Is Game, Valve product designer Greg Coomer seemingly reaffirmed that the company is working on a new VR headset.

The interview was published in Korean on the This Is Game site last December, but has been shared recently in light of translated transcripts that indicate the outlet asked Coomer about a new Valve headset.

While transcripts from online translations don't always accurately capture specific wording, in the translated response Coomer seems to confirm Valve has been "working on a new VR headset lately." However, Coomer also said he can't confirm the existence of a specific product and can't comment on when Valve might reveal its results, but says there are "obviously several projects going on in-house" and re-affirmed the company's faith in VR as a medium.

A new Valve headset in the pipeline should come as no surprise, as there's been plenty of other evidence to suggest work on a follow-up to Valve's 2019 Index headset. A Valve job listing last year confirmed as much, searching for someone who could "prototype, ship, and support” a VR headset with advanced tracking features for Valve. The year before, Valve CEO Gabe Newell also made reference to "big investments in new headsets" in a talk at a school.

The Verge previously questioned Coomer about using the Steam Deck processor in a standalone VR headset, to which he replied that it would "run well in that environment" and said "it's very relevant to us and our future plans."

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