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Half-Life: Alyx & HL2: Episode 2 Co-Writer: 'I Want To Do More'

Half-Life: Alyx & HL2: Episode 2 Co-Writer: 'I Want To Do More'

Got high hopes for a new Half-Life game following the release of Half-Life: Alyx? So does one of the game’s co-writers.

Speaking in an interview with Fandom, Erik Wolpaw, who also co-wrote Half-Life 2’s two episodic sequels alongside Chet Faliszek, said he wanted to do more. His fellow co-writers seem to agree.

Note: Spoilers for Half-Life: Alyx are included in this post.

“It’s pretty clearly a promise of more to come,” Wolpaw said of Alyx’s insane ending. “I’m only a contractor, I’m not in the decision-making process — but I want to do more. I’m gonna do my darnedest to try and lobby people.”

Co-writer Jay Pinkerton added that the concept of more Half-Life was now “exciting to us, in a way that it wasn’t when we first came on.

“The fact that we have a new story to tell, all these new potential storylines, that’s what makes it so exciting now.”

Alyx’s ending does indeed give the franchise a pretty clear route to go moving forward but, given the series’ history, it’s probably best not to assume any sort of sequel has been confirmed just yet. We’re likely and long way away from being able to confirm that. Plus, there are plenty of other Valve series we’d like to see revived in VR.

Speaking to UploadVR in our own interview, Valve’s Greg Coomer noted that nature of Alyx’s ending could be seen as the developer “issuing a challenge” to other areas of Valve.

And that’s not even considering if any new Half-Life game would be in VR; it’s perfectly possible Valve returns to its roots for the next game. We’ve got our fingers crossed that that won’t be the case, though.

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