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Valve Launches SteamVR Media Player For Viewing Video In VR

Valve Launches SteamVR Media Player For Viewing Video In VR

SteamVR just got a big new feature; a built-in media player for different types of video content.

The SteamVR Media Player allows you to view local media files from within your VR headset. The player supports traditional video that will appear as a virtual window but also more immersive 180 and 360 degree options that will plant you inside the footage.

To run the Media Player you need to opt into the SteamVR Beta and then select Run Media Player from the Status Menu. You can browse files on desktop or in VR and quickly select something to view.

It’s the latest move by Valve to make SteamVR an all-encompassing hub for everything you’d need in VR. Early in the year the company launched a new Home space that users can customize and invited friends to hang out in.

This feature arrives a week after Oculus announced its 2.0 update for the Rift, which will include a new user-interface named Dash that will allow users to summon virtual windows for desktop access within VR.

Steam itself already hosts VR video apps like Invasion!, so it’s not too surprising to see the Media Player arrive.

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