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Valve Improves SteamVR Spectator Mode, Adds New Home Environment

Valve Improves SteamVR Spectator Mode, Adds New Home Environment

Valve’s SteamVR Home platform is rolling out another environment for you to make yourself cozy in. Meet the Gulping Goat space farm.

That may be the most Valve sentence anyone has ever written. Anyway, this colorful new environment is now yours to explore. It features robot farmers lazily tending to alien crops, which we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t eat. As always, there’s an asset pack for the new environment that will allow you to incorporate its materials for your own creations. It joins the supervillain layer environment Valve introduced earlier this year.

Perhaps more importantly, this new environment is joined by a host of new tweaks to the SteamVR beta. This includes a new mirror window mode that Valve has named ‘Center View’. According to the company it “maximizes the view for any window size inside the hidden area mesh (the black area of pixels at the periphery)” and is designed for improving the spectator experience so that those outside of VR can see more of what the person inside VR is looking at.

Elsewhere there’s a new mini performance graph for developers to utilize both in and out of the headset and a whole host of smaller tweaks to numerous to recount here (the full changelog is over here).

This is great and everything but, really, Valve, where the heck at those three VR games you promised us nearly two years ago now?

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