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Star Wars: Vader Immortal Is Coming To PSVR This Summer

Star Wars: Vader Immortal Is Coming To PSVR This Summer

Now how’s that for a Star Wars Day surprise? The complete series of Star Wars: Vader Immortal is coming to PSVR this summer.

Developer ILMxLAB just announced the news. This is a surprising turn of events given that the series was originally published by Oculus Studios, though obviously it looks like a timed exclusivity agreement was in place. Vader Immortal launched in three installments on Oculus Quest and Rift over the course of 2019 but, from the sounds of it, it’s coming to PSVR as the complete series.

There are two sides to Vader Immortal. First is the story-driven campaign, in which players are taken captive by the Dark Lord himself. Set of the fiery planet of Mustafar, you soon discover that Vader has use of you and carrying out his demands will require a few lightsaber battles and even learning to use the force. The full experience takes a little under two hours or so to play through and we think it’s pretty great.

Then there’s the Lightsaber Dojo. In this thrilling wave-based survival mode, you wield a lightsaber, deflecting enemy attacks and, in later episodes dealing a little damage of your own. Each episode of the original series came with 40 waves to master and things get pretty intense. Plus there are some really great unlocks and force powers to discover.

No word yet on a possible release on SteamVR, sadly, but we’ll keep you up to date.

A full release date for Vader Immortal PSVR hasn’t yet been announced. Excited to give it a try? Let us know in the comments below!

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