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Oculus Quest Sizzle Reel Confirms Vacation Simulator, Creed And Many More

Oculus Quest Sizzle Reel Confirms Vacation Simulator, Creed And Many More

It seems like we’ll be learning about new games coming to Oculus Quest pretty regularly between now and launch. Today, Oculus confirmed that Vacation SimulatorCreed: Rise to Glory and many more games are coming to the standalone headset.

The news was confirmed via a new sizzle reel for Quest, launched in time for PAX East this weekend. You can see it below. We see many of the games already confirmed for the device along with a raft of new titles.

New Games

Vacation Simulator is the latest from Job Simulator developer Owlchemy Labs. It’s essentially a sequel to Job Sim though, as the name suggests, this time you’re causing havoc in holiday spots. It’s one of VR’s most hotly anticipated titles, building on the foundations of intuitive interaction that Job Simulator established. The game’s actually not out at all yet; the PC VR launch is on April 9th and the PSVR release follows on June 18th. Owlchemy says the Quest version is due this holiday season.

Creed, on the other hand, has been available since last year. It’s the most recent game from Raw Data and Sprint Vector creator, Survios. As you’d probably guessed, it’s a boxing title that ties-into the new film series set in the Rocky universe. You play as Adonis Creed and rise through the ranks by boxing your way to victory. We love the game’s innovative controls and the excellent multiplayer, all of which should be a great fit on Quest.

Elsewhere in the video we can see glimpses of Job Simulator, Rush, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, Ultra Wings, Elven Table Tennis and Fruit Ninja VR, all of which weren’t confirmed before. We also get a quick glimpse at anticipated ports of Robo Recall and Moss as well as what looks like the first gameplay footage of Star Wars: Vader Immortal.

These reveals join last weeks announcements that Beat Saber, Journey of the Gods and Shadow Point are all coming to Quest. Both games should make for great additions to Quest’s growing library. Oculus says the headset will have 50 titles available at launch. The headset hits this spring for $399. There’s a 128 GB version as well for $499.

Make sure and check our Oculus Quest landing page for even more new game confirmations!

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