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Upload's E3 VR Showcase To Feature Over 30 Games On June 10

Upload's E3 VR Showcase To Feature Over 30 Games On June 10

We’ve been busy. In April, we announced the first ever E3 VR Showcase. We wanted to give as many VR developers as possible their moment in the spotlight. The aim was to show VR fans what’s on the horizon and to help prove to others that it’s a great time to buy a headset. At the time, we knew we had some great announcements and could pull off a good show.

Well, now I’m pretty confident we have an amazing one.

Thanks to frankly overwhelming support from developers, over 30 VR games will be featured in our E3 VR showcase on Monday, June 10. Believe me when I say there’s a lot to get through: new trailers for some of your most anticipated titles, behind-the-scenes spotlights from developers both big and small and, yes, a bunch of world premiere game reveals spanning every major VR headset out there today.

So who’s joining us? Well, if you’ve been following the #E3VR hashtag on Twitter, you might have spotted a few. We’re excited to welcome our friends at Fast Travel Games (Apex Construct), Neat Corporation (Budget Cuts), Survios (Creed, Raw Data) and Wolf & Wood (The Exorcist VR) to name but a few. We will also have a few bits of new information from Oculus and their stable of Oculus Studios-supported developers as well.

We’re piecing together the showcase now (lol who needs sleep?) and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, we’ve got so much stuff to talk about, you’ll want to be here a little early. Join us at 8:45am PT, when we’ll start counting down to the main event at 9am PT with a pre-show that will have yet more trailers and spotlights. It’ll be a nice warm up for our 60-minute feature and packs some of my personal favorite upcoming games too.

You can tune in to the E3 VR Showcase presented by UploadVR on our YouTube channel and follow along live in chat. Don’t forget to share the news and get as many people excited as you can.

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