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Upload Access: Diving Deep With I Expect You To Die 3

Upload Access: Diving Deep With I Expect You To Die 3

Schell Games is readying for the launch of I Expect You To Die 3 and we'll have exclusive coverage of the upcoming game in the coming weeks with Upload Access.

The series from Schell Games is a cornerstone of VR design starting with the 2016 original and followed by its 2021 sequel, The Spy And The Liar, which introduced a layer of character development on top of its already impressive escape room level design. In the upcoming Cog In The Machine, Schell looks to be taking things even further with Dr. Roxanna Prism poised to become a fully fleshed out villain in the newest game.

As part of the UploadVR Showcase, Schell recently revealed the opening credits sequence for I Expect You To Die 3 offering a first look at the character. Set to a song by Haley Reinhart, you can check out the James Bond-inspired introduction below:

We haven't done an Upload Access series in a while but we're excited to bring it back with Schell Games as we dive deep into the development and planning at the studio, looking to break down how the latest title aims to take things further than its predecessors.

Here's the coverage schedule starting later this week:

  • July 20: Hands-on Impressions of I Expect You To Die 3
  • July 27: Creating Dr. Prism
  • August 4: Inside The Music Of I Expect You To Die
  • August 10: Q&A With Schell Games On Building A VR Franchise

Check back on Thursday and the dates above for our ongoing coverage of I Expect You To Die 3: Cog In The Machine!

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