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Until You Fall Is Getting Its First Update In Over A Year

Until You Fall Is Getting Its First Update In Over A Year

Rejoice! Schell Games’ ace VR roguelite, Until You Fall, is getting its first update in well over a year very soon.

The studio just teased version 1.3 of the game with the phrase “The future is Kneon” via Twitter. Nothing else was confirmed but the stylization of the message hints that we might be getting a bit of a visual makeover for the game. Hopefully we might see some new levels, enemies and weapons, too.

New Until You Fall Update Incoming

Until You Fall remains one of our favorte VR melee combat games on practically any platform right now. The game sees you taking on repeated runs of a dungeon, taking down enemies by blocking telegraphed strikes and attacking weak points. The finely tuned upgrade system rewarded constant play.

We interviewed Schell boss Jesse Schell last year, who revealed that the developer had new content planned for the game, but was looking for the right way to introduce it. It’ll be interesting to see why the company decided now was the right time for further content.

Schell Games has a lot on its plate at the moment. Next week sees it release a VR cooking game named Lost Recipes and, last year, it confirmed it was working on a VR version of Among Us.

What are you hoping to see out of the next Until You Fall update? Let us know in the comments below!

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