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Until You Fall To Get Two-Handed Weapons And More In New Update

Until You Fall To Get Two-Handed Weapons And More In New Update

The previously-teased Until You Fall update has now been revealed, and it includes new weapons and more.

Version 1.3 will launch on March 17 and is headlined by three new weapons. The Cold Iron Greataxe, Captain’s Warhammer and Fate’s End are all two-handed weapons, meaning they’ll change up the game’s regular dual-wielding combat. Check them out below.

New Until you Fall Update Revealed

Until You Fall New Weapons

The Greataxe will increase in damage as players take more hits, and features a Super that trades health for yet more attack power. The Warhammer, meanwhile, hits hard and can have its defensive abilities boosted, whilst Fate’s End is a greatsword that can occasionally be used with just one hand.

If you’re starting the game fresh then these items will have to be unlocked, but if you’ve already beaten a run of the game they’ll be automatically unlocked.

Elsewhere, 1.3 brings a lot of quality of life improvements to Until You Fall, including localization for Chinese, French, German and more, smooth turning options and more volume settings.

These updates mark the first significant changes to Until You Fall in over a year and will no doubt be welcomed by fans of the game. In our review, we said the roguelite game offered a great melee combat experience with a moreish hook and fantastic arcade-inspired combat.

Developer Schell Games, meanwhile, is now working on a VR version of Among Us. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for yet more Until You Fall updates in the future, though, as Schell recently told us it had plans for the game’s future.


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