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Until You Fall Expansions Are In Development, But Schell Is Waiting For The Right Time To Release

Until You Fall Expansions Are In Development, But Schell Is Waiting For The Right Time To Release

Schell Games’ VR sword-fighting game, Until You Fall, does have more content planned, but the studio is waiting for the right time to release it.

CEO and founder Jesse Schell confirmed as much to us in an interview this week. When asked if there were plans to expand the game, Schell instantly replied “Absolutely.”

The problem, however, is deciding when the market is big enough to push a premium expansion for the game. “Because we designed it to be an expandable game. It’s something that we really wanted to do, but of course it’s a very luscious game. So the expansions, they’re not free, it is a lot of work and we’ve done a little bit, we’ve added some things, over time,” Schell explained.

“Where we are right now basically is as a studio internally, we have to struggle with okay, are we adding more to Until You Fall right now? Are we spinning up a new title because maybe that’s going to be a better way to have a little more success because Until You Fall has been successful, but it hasn’t been through the roof successful.”

As part of its decision-making process, Schell revealed that the team has been watching the performance of expansions and updates to similar titles, and how the small but temporary spike in sales might not be enough to justify releasing content at VR’s current size.

“And so as an independent studio where we have to watch every penny, we have to be really careful,” he said. “We want to expand Until You Fall, I’m dying to expand Until You Fall, but we’re not sure the market is quite big enough for that to make economic sense right at the moment. And then we’ve got stuff in the pipe, almost ready to go, but we want to release it at the right time. We’re very much we’re working on those plans right now.”

Until You Fall remains one of our favorite VR titles, with fast-paced, addictive arcade action and a satisfying gameplay loop. Even in its current form, we give it our full recommendation.

“I think as each day goes by and the VR market gets bigger and bigger, we’re gonna have more and more pressure to like, yeah, get those expansions out that start to grow this thing,” Schell concluded. “So that’s just the tension we have internally. Should we be spinning up new titles for the future or should we be growing up what we’ve already got, and it’s something we think about every day.”

Fingers crossed we see some Until You Fall DLC sooner rather than later, then.

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