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Unplugged Is Getting A New Instrument, The Air Triangle

Unplugged Is Getting A New Instrument, The Air Triangle

The next major addition to VR music game Unplugged will introduce a new instrument in the form of an air… triangle.

Yes, a triangle. The little metal thing you hit.

Vertigo Games and Anotherway today announced that the instrument will arrive “early next month”. Now which annual occasion of pranks and jokes also takes place around that time? Get a look at the complex (ish) new instrument in the video above.

The triangle still uses hand tracking, with players dangling the kit with one hand and tapping it with the baton in the other. It’s compatible with a particularly energetic song, too.

It’s safe to say this isn’t exactly the kind of content we expected for Unplugged post-launch, but the game has already added a new Steel Panther song along with passthrough support for Quest players, and Vertigo confirmed to us that it was looking into the possibility of more DLC tracks around the game’s launch last year.

We gave the Quest version of the app our Best Quest Game prize at our 2021 awards a few months back, citing the thrilling air guitar mechanics that we only hope to see improve with future versions of hand-tracking support. “Anotherway and Vertigo have found a concept and gameplay loop that can only improve with time — it’s just a matter of providing an experience that matches the level of technology on offer at each step of the way,” we said in our review. “Don’t let that deter you from playing Unplugged now though —  it’s more than worth trying.”

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