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Unplugged: Exclusive New Details And Gameplay In New Video

Unplugged: Exclusive New Details And Gameplay In New Video

Anotherway’s Unplugged has a strange pitch. It’s essentially a Guitar Hero game… in VR… with no controllers.

How the heck does that work?

New Unplugged Gameplay And Details Revealed

Today’s exclusive Upload Access debut answers exactly that. Former Guitar Hero figurehead Marcus Henderson is on-hand to walk us through new gameplay for the upcoming music title, and reveal how Anotherway is utilizing finger-tracking technology to bring the art of the air guitar to life.

At first glance, Unplugged looks like any other music game. But you’re not holding plastic guitars or even VR controllers in your hands. Instead, headsets with finger-tracking technology follow where your hand is, allowing you to shred up and down the fretboard with one hand, lifting fingers up to play certain notes. But there’s more to Unplugged than that core foundation.

The video features plenty of gameplay clips and gives you a better sense of how the game progresses. When you start out, for example, you’ll be playing to smaller crowds that are tough to impress. But, as you keep playing, you’ll unlock new albums that provide access to better venues and crowds.

Plus there are minigames like tuning your guitar mid-song or grabbing power-ups that can slow the song down. We also get a look at some of the brands of guitars and amps you’ll use and exactly what happens if you maybe don’t play as well as a crowd is hoping.

Unplugged is coming to Oculus Quest and hand-tracking compatible PC VR headsets soon. Stick with Upload Access for a month of exclusive coverage of the game, including the reveal of the release date and the full tracklist, plus more from Henderson in the coming weeks! See what’s in-store below.

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