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Unplugged Gets 'Easy Peasy' Mode, Quest Passthrough As PC VR Version Launches

Unplugged Gets 'Easy Peasy' Mode, Quest Passthrough As PC VR Version Launches

VR air guitar game Unplugged just got a bunch of new features after the PC VR version finally launched.

Following on from a Quest release earlier in the year, Unplugged arrived on SteamVR today. Whereas the Quest version of the game supports controller-free hand-tracking, the PC VR edition needs Valve’s Index Controllers. It was originally scheduled to come out on December 2nd, though publisher Vertigo Games announced a last-minute delay a few weeks back.

Unplugged PC VR Version Arrives

Arriving alongside the PC release are three major new additions to the game. Firstly, both Quest and PC VR users can enjoy a new Steel Panther track made exclusively for the game. It’s called Unplug Yourself and is a fitting inclusion given that Satchel from the band serves as your in-game mentor in the campaign.

Next up, both versions have an ‘Easy Peasy’ difficulty mode that will look to make the tracks even more accessible. Finally, the Quest 2 version of the game now has Quest Passthrough support, meaning you can play guitar whilst seeing the real world around you.

We loved Unplugged when it launched on Quest, giving the game a ‘Great’ label in our review. “Anotherway and Vertigo have found a concept and gameplay loop that can only improve with time — it’s just a matter of providing an experience that matches the level of technology on offer at each step of the way,” we wrote. “Don’t let that deter you from playing Unplugged now though —  it’s more than worth trying.”

We’ll be back soon to deliver impressions on the PC VR version.

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